Our service is exclusively focused on serving the recovering patient in that brief, yet crucial time between surgery/procedure and safe return home.

Cosmetic, reconstructive, general, dental, dermatological, and other medical procedures require specialized care and attention during the recovery period. Experts say that the most important time is during the first 24-72 hours after surgery, when skilled postoperative nursing care is essential for ensuring that your body’s strongest healing processes are set in motion.

This is why every member of our staff is specially trained and prepared to take care of all your needs. From experienced nursing, to administrative and logistics, even the care it takes to ensure our garden flourishes, everyone here works towards providing you with excellent care, comfort, and complete security.

As our guest in Las Cumbres, we invite you to let us pamper you and take care of you during this time of recovery.


Our Staff



Mrs. Elke

This incredible lady is the caring and loving owner of Las Cumbres. She is an exceptional woman, who has dedicated her life to the Inn and to creating a welcoming and secure recovery retreat for her guests.

Her attention to detail, her commitment and immense efforts towards making Las Cumbres the best recovery hotel in Costa Rica are unquestionable. With years of experience in medical tourism in Costa Rica, Mrs. Elke has brought together first class after-care, personalized assistance and a family environment you simply do not get at a regular hotel.

Her main goal is  to make your recovery process that much easier to deal with.

As stated by former guests, you come to Las Cumbres and meet a stranger, but you leave with a new friend.


Chris is our driver and the first member of the Las Cumbres family that you will meet when he greets you at the airport.

Whether you arrive at 1:00 am or have an early morning appointment, he is always filled with energy and is ready to take care of all your transportation needs. He goes above and beyond!

Fully trained in how to find the best short cuts and avoiding traffic jams, he is an amazing driver and an extremely nice guy.


She is known for delivering friendly, efficient, and resourceful customer service, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all of our guests.

Whether it has to do with your flight, arrival, or departure details, arranging transportation, booking tours, preparing your bill, helping you rent a car, you name it and she takes care of it! She happily and diligently takes care of every detail involving your stay with the aim of giving you a comfortable and enjoyable recovery.

With great multitasking skills and ingenious research abilities, our receptionist Maria will help you with anything you can come up with, from taking a last minute trip to the beach before your procedure, to the most unlikely cravings during your recuperation process.


Mariela has been working up quite a resume since she started studying. She started working with elder care, then moved on to private care, where she’s been for over 3 years.

She has become incredibly skilled over the course of her career. Her experience, keen observational skills, extraordinary bedside manner, and caring attitude makes Mariela an excellent nurse.

She is always aware of patient’s needs and has great care for their concerns. Las Cumbres guests always leave with positive and thankful comments on her work.



Diana balances being a highly knowledgeable and qualified professional, while still being a wonderfully joyful and charismatic member of the Las Cumbres family.

Several years of experience working at the Costa Rica Children’s Hospital, combined with private nursing experience with seniors and post-op patients care has made Diana an amazing nurse.

Her proactivity, ability to deal with emotionally charged and high pressure situations, and compassionate nature makes Diana a true asset to the nursing team.


Always with a smile on her face and a service spirit, Laura attends to your every need from cleaning to delicious cooking to helping with laundry.

She is a hard worker, has a do-it-all personality, and has lots of experience, making her indispensable to the team.


Don’t let her petite size take you by surprise. Fabi is an energetic person, capable of excelling at any task assigned to her.

She will be busy all day making the rooms sparkling clean and still make time to greet you with a happy face at the kitchen counter whenever you need her help


Our amazing, creative and dedicate cook for the past 5 years. Carmen will prepare 5 different versions of one meal to please everyone’s preferences, avoid allergies and offer a soft alternative for those having dental work done. All with that loving, home cooked meal touch!

She has that special ability to meet guest’s expectations, be aware of susceptibilities and still deliver exceptional, delightful dishes every day.


Our dear Freddy has “Chuck Norris” worthy handyman skills. He keeps the inside and outside of the Inn in tip-top shape. He can repair pretty much anything you put in front of him.

He has the strength and energy for hard work around the inn, and at the same time has a gentle touch to keep our gardens green and beautiful.

He is truly an essential part of Las Cumbres’s team and crucial behind-the-scenes in your peaceful and smooth recovery.