Hello Everyone!

It was November 2015 and I flew into San Jose to have a minor follow-up surgery to a surgery done earlier in the year. It was a quick trip, but from the moment I was picked up at the airport and then taken to the doctor and the inn, I knew this stay would be different. I stayed at another recovery retreat in February and while some of the staff were pleasant, the accommodations were cold and damp. It really was a miserable recovery. Las Cumbres was so inviting and charming…and though I was only there two nights, the other patients I met there made for a unique group of people that felt like family by the time I left. It was American Thanksgiving, and Elke and the staff prepared a traditional meal, complete with candlelight and wine. It was such a nice treat for all of us…especially being away from our loved ones over the holiday. It was a wonderful experience and I was cared for very well by all of the staff. The rooms are clean and comfortably furnished, the grounds are beautiful, as is the view, and the food was delicious. Should the need (or want) arise for more surgery, I will definitely plan my stay at Las Cumbres!

At the time, my husband and I were living in Playas del Coco. We stayed there for a couple of years and returned back to Houston in March of 2016. While it’s been a long time and I was only there for a moment, please give my best to Elke.

Kindest regards,
Sharon Lang

I just wanted to send a short note to say thank you for all the wonderful help and great care I got while I was there. Your nursing staff and Elisabeth in massage are wonderful!! My boyfriend and I were both very happy and feel your Surgical Retreat is a great value for the service we received!

It was especially nice to be around so many other people having various other things done. No one had to feel uncomfortable with how they looked at a time when you are still doubting your sanity for putting yourself through it!! I met so many great people, half were patients like me and the other half you staff and drivers. I am so thankful that I found your Inn when I was doing my search, I can’t imagine having gone through this without all of you!!

Thank you again,

A. Smith

JR Gerhardt

Las Cumbres Staff,

Wanted to thank you all so much for your wonderful care of my friend Carolina, Dec 14 to Dec 24. I don’t think I have ever seen such an excellent, well mannered group anywhere, ever. The love and care that was given her should be a model for any medical facility. The food was excellent, healthy and well prepared and the owner going to check on Carolina was outstanding. I was only able to remain with Carolina there for three days as I had to return to the US for business, but I could see she was in excellent hands.

Thanks again,

M. Lindberg

Just a note to say Thank You! I’ve been here at the inn for a week now and I have felt so welcome. Everyone here is great, the food is wonderful, the nurses are heavenly, the room lovely and comfortable, just a great place to stay. Thanks!


I just wanted to take this moment to thank you for the wonderful stay at your place. Your staff was very caring and I felt very nurtured. Once again, thank you for the wonderful time!

Sincerely, S. Min

Dear Las Cumbres Staff:

I was a recent guest at Las Cumbres.

I wish to thank everyone for the great service, from staff who prepared the wonderful meals to the nursing care to the taxi drivers.

I will highly recommend Las Cumbres to others wishing to stay at a surgery recovery inn.

Thinking of you, and I hope to be back!!!

Sincerely, Susan – from Whitehorse, Yukon Canada

I just wanted to thank you all for all the wonderful treatment you have shown us. your staff has been kind and always friendly. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends!! thanks again (:


Hey sweet lady….. we made it across the border with the Bird of Paradise…. yeah!… now all we have to do is make it grow!!!

Sure enjoyed being with you and I am sad to be away from there…. we came back to 34 degree weather and I hate cold, unless I can be skiing in it…

I am sad also because I did not get one single picture with you! I guess that means I will have to hurry back… right?… ha ha ha

I am still swollen in my chipmunk cheeks and still have bruising on the cheeks, but they keep telling me that too will pass and the body will absorb the rest…. Hope they are right!!!!

Could you also please tell me again how you cooked that wonderful salmon at lunch?

Also, repeat those ingredients you put in that fabulous salad dressing…. I think I was still kind of foggy and only remember some of them….

Please give my love to all the staff, nurses, Elizabeth, and drivers… we will really miss them!

Love to you also…. Jennie and Bubba

Dear Ms. Elke and your most wonderful staff

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about you all, this was my second time staying with you and your staff, this time bring two nervous American friends with me. You all helped me and my friends so much. Putting them at ease and allowing us to recover in as much comfort as possible. If ever I need to return, this is where we will come. Thank everyone for us

Sam, Rachel and Michelle

To Elke and Her wonderful staff:

A warm thank you to all of you who made our stay so memorable. Food, service, accommodations, all were the best imaginable.

My son Richard and I will recommend Las Cumbres to everyone we know. Thanks again for your caring and concern.

Warmest wishes,

Marie Clare

Aloha Elke and all:

I made it back to Maui with no problems. Nice to be here but I could have used another month to check out the rest of your beautiful country. Next time I will have more time to explore. Elke, first of all I want to thank you for all the help and hospitality that you provided me and all your guests. I couldn’t have found a better place to stay near San José. You run a great service, super clean rooms, good food, and that fabulous view, what more could I want? I am getting used to my new teeth (great dentists by the way.)

You and literally all of the Costa Rican people I met were wonderful.

Ron Rothenberger

Dear Elke:

I thought now would be a good time to write this letter. It’s been only two days since I left, so the memories are still fresh; plus I’m listening to marimbas in the background, attempting to recapture the unique mood of Costa Rica – as I knew it at Las Cumbres.

I do want you to know how much I appreciated your kind assistance those just-past 11 days. I believe the personal care you gave and the professionalism you exhibited were without equal. And it was evident from the comments of all the other guests that I wasn’t alone in my belief. I’ve told my business partner, as I will others who are considering cosmetic surgery, there are many competent surgeons from which to choose, but when you choose Costa Rica there is only one place for professional recovery. What a comfort to know that everything was taken care of, from arrival to departure – especially important considering the discomfort and disorientation of surgery and recovery. Thank you kind Lady.

Michael Noble

I want to thank you again for the super hospitality. It was incredibly helpful. Even though I was in Costa Rica by myself, I never really felt alone. I had a really good time actually and the surgery barely got in the way. Everything with the nose is fine. I told almost no one and no one noticed a thing, which is what I wanted.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for the care, consideration and kindness you extended to me during my recent two week stay at your very beautiful and comfortable Inn. I will never forget the great meals you prepared and the fresh flowers, but the list goes on and on.

I have been in the hotel and resort business for over twenty-five years and can attest to the fact that the services your provide are unequaled.

Ed Randall

Hello Elke:

Not a day goes by that I do not think of you and the warm welcome you extended to Roman & I. Yesterday evening we had a sort of small reunion. We met at Mari’s clinic. The doctor took my stitches out and I am doing well. Thank you again for all your wonderful care and to your daughter for the wonderful romantic memories of our “serenata night”. Hope to keep in touch with you. You will see me again.


Dear Doctor,

I have been home for a week now and feeling better, as well as getting feeling back in more of my face. My cheeks are still slightly bruised and swollen, but I´m still getting positive comments from my friends.

I can´t thank you enough for recommending Las Cumbres for my recovery. I enjoyed my stay more than any time I´ve been in Costa Rica, thanks to the outstanding service provided by Elke and her staff. They go out of their way to make sure each of their guests are comfortable.

I know it must be comforting for you to have an individual such as Elke Arends caring for your patients as she is so dedicated to meeting the specific needs of each one.

The meals, the view, the pleasant and professional staff, and above all, the outstanding after surgery care at an affordable price add to a positive surgical experience.

I´m looking forward to staying with Elke during future visits to Costa Rica.