Lodging rates

Recovery from cosmetic, dental, or eye surgery in Costa Rica does not have to be an expensive decision. Here at Las Cumbres Inn, our goal is to provide you with, not just a relaxing recovery, but a beautiful vacation. We have a full staff of registered nurses, a complete support staff, and the finest in first class amenities. You’ll also find our rates to be highly competitive.

Daily rates, prices, and amenities are subject to change without notice.

Visa – MasterCard – American Express Accepted.

Important Observation


Check-in and Check-out

  • All rates are calculated by room and per day. In order to calculate the number of days, we will charge starting at check-in time (2:00 p.m.) until check-out time (11:00 a.m.) For flights arriving shortly after midnight, the effective date of check-in is 2:00 p.m. of the day before.


  • The breakfast included in the B&B rate is a “continental breakfast” that includes: two slices of bread with butter, or marmalade, 1 glass of fresh fruit juice or plate with fresh fruit and one cup of coffee or tea. There is a buffet style breakfast in the living room, and is an extra charge for the guests under the B&B rate.

  • The “Regular Rate” includes: 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a specific schedule), coffee time pastries, as well as the nursing care by our licensed staff.


  • For guests under the Regular Rate, staying 3 nights or more, the rate also includes:

    • Transportation service to and from the airport.

    • 1 round trip transportation to your surgery or procedure appointment.

    • 1 round trip transportation to a follow-up appointment or additional appointment for a total of 2 round trip transportations.

  • Airport transportation for guests under B&B rates, or those staying 2 days or fewer can be arranged, but is not complimentary.

    • The transportation fee to and from the airport is $35.00 each way.

    • Non-patient guests arriving on different flight schedules pay this fee, regardless of the number of nights they booked.

    • Complimentary airport transportation is included for all patient guests staying 3 nights or more. Airport transportation is complimentary even when patient guests arrive on different flights but share a room, or for non-patient guests that share a room and arrive on the same flight as the guest with the procedure.

    • Please ask for the approximate cost of your transportation services, depending on the location of your doctors’ offices.

  • Transportation services can be included in your room bill and paid at checkout with your final bill, or can be paid in cash, at the end of each service.


  • All rates are expressed in US dollars. You can pay with US Dollars, local currency, debit, or credit card. We do not accept money orders, personal checks, cashiers checks or travelers checks.

  • There is a 18% sales tax in Costa Rica that is not included in the daily rate.

  • Any extras, like personal laundry, snacks, alcoholic beverages, prescriptions, medical supplies, etc. are not included in any of our rates.


  • All rates include complimentary Wi-Fi Internet connection

  • Any guest who has surgery, plastic surgery, laser, dental or optical procedures will be considered and charged as a “patient”.

    • For single guests, the daily rate  is considered as “patient” no matter if having a procedure or not.

  • It is prohibited to smoke in the rooms and common areas, if you wish to smoke you can smoke in the pool pavilion or in our gardens.