Our Recovery Center in Costa Rica

We work closely with the country’s top surgeons, including plastic surgeons and dentists, ophthalmologists, and general doctors in order to provide you with the best surgery after-care possible. We have been taking excellent care of people for years.

We are a surgery and dental recovery retreat in Costa Rica with licensed nurses, comfortable accommodations, fresh pool and gardens. We are centrally located and just minutes away from doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals.


We take care of everything from the moment you arrive until you leave, including airport pickup and delivery, and coordination of all surgery/procedure/follow-up appointment transportation with the doctors, dentist, clinics, and hospitals. Some doctors visit their patients here on a regular basis.

Personal and medical care includes assistance with dressing, bandages & showers, applying ice packs, administering topical medications and prescribed creams, monitoring vital signs as needed, following doctor’s instructions for individual care, supervising prescription medicines, preparing soft foods, and anything else you need for a peaceful and smooth recovery.



We have had patients here for many different types of treatments, surgery, and dental procedures and are happy to provide specialized care. You can call us from each room and we come to you in a matter of minutes, day or night.

We have a spectacular view of the city and surrounding mountains from our numerous balconies. We provide you with a peaceful place to enjoy your recovery in privacy.

We always have positive comments and praises from patients and doctors/dentists alike.

We are the best Costa Rica recovery center for plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and any other procedures and surgeries you need.

Please visit the testimonial page about our Recovery Center Costa Rica, or visit our photo gallery to get a more intimate idea of what you can look forward to.